The New Image Terms & Conditions.

As an Alipid's customer or New Image's member under Alipid, you have to follow below terms & conditions from the manufacturer. Breach of any rule could lead to membership termination.
We are not responsible for any individual violation.

All Members agree NOT to

  1. Sell or otherwise provide the Products to non-Members who intend to resell them.
  2. Sell or attempt to sell the Products through any retail outlets, markets, online trading sites, commercial auction or marketplace sites, or otherwise. Products may be sold through Pharmacies, Medical Professionals’ or Nutritionists’ premises provided they have a consultation room. Physical products are not authorised to be displayed in the public arena. They can recommend the product but service the customer from non-displayed stock.
  3. Suggest expressly or by implication that the Products have any similarity to any other goods made by other Manufacturers.
  4. Use their organisation including (but not limited to) their Upline, Downline and customer base to sell, or promote the sale of, any other non-New Image™ goods or services whatsoever.
  5. Any orders to be sent directly to your customers (drop ship) cannot exceed six (6) units of the same (identical) product per month. Drop ship products are for personal use only and cannot be resold.
  6. Not to purchase the Products or services in unreasonable quantities solely for the purpose of qualifying for advancement in the Company’s Compensation Plan and that failing to uphold this policy in training as well as in building a business could result in the termination of the Agreement.
  7. In placing a new Product order the Member certifies that, of all Products previously supplied to the Member, seventy percent (70%) of those Products have been re-supplied to or received by customers for consumption.
  8. In some countries the holding of inventory is prohibited. Commercial quantities cannot be shipped outside the country of purchase as products may not conform to overseas regulations for labels, formulas etc.
    Do NOT ship commercial quantities to any country where New Image is operating, especially to Vietnam.