About New Image International

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New Zealand is a place of purity and innovation, famous for its clean green environment, superior natural resources and home to New Image international. 

The Foundation

The founding chairman Graham Clegg established New Image in 1984, determined to make a difference in people's lives. Following the tragic loss of his parents and brother to cancer, Graham was not willing to leave his destiny to chance and went in search of a way to protect his children and himself. Graham saw firsthand the superior immune protection and healing qualities of colostrum, nature's first and most precious food, scientifically recognised as an excellent source of antibacterial antiviral and antifungal properties. Graham took what he saw in nature into the science lab. Over the many years since, scientists have helped Graham unlocked the secrets of life's first food colostrum, nature's gift and intelligence designed life force.


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Latest research shows colostrum to be multifunctional through recalibrating the body's immune and longevity defense systems. The immune system is our body's engine room, the supercomputer that controls how well we function and defend against viruses and bacteria. When our immune system is dysfunctional, diseases are allowed to infiltrate. The New Image range of colostrum products are packed with antibodies able to reprogram our immune system to function at its best. These natural warriors constantly defend against daily exposure to mutating bacteria and viruses.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline with Alpha Lipid technology

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New Image has developed unique adult stem cell enhancing, nutritional, weight management and skin care products.

The company lead product alpha lipid lifeline as renowned as Asia Pacific's billion-dollar multi-functioning healthy breakfast beverage. its patented Alpha Lipid technology protects colostrum is essential but fragile biomolecules from the savage gastric juices in adults, so they maximize healing benefits. New Image is firmly focused on quality control with all its products manufactured to pharmaceutical standards and its state-of-the-art plant in New Zealand using the latest innovative technologies. We're honoured to have been recognized internationally as a leader in our industry through numerous awards for business and product innovation.

New Image distribution network

New Image distributes in products globally through a network of independent distributors all with a common goal to improve both their health and their lifestyle. Today health beauty and wellness are the fastest growing industries in the world and with social media networking is easier than ever before. Many people have grasped that Direct Selling using both traditional networks and online selling as a way to make an exciting and sustainable income. There are many advanced benefits that set the New Image system apart from its competitors. Programmed investment and people link to an inspirational and rewarding compensation plan as attractive to professional networkers. Performance-based travel incentives that offer numerous trips to dream destinations also make this the ideal business model to realize every expectation and maximize potential. We believe there's an entrepreneurial spirit and everyone all you need to do is release it. If you would like to join our winning team visit Alipid for more details.

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