Alpha Lipid Colostrum FAQs

What is Alpha Lipid Lifeline?

Alpha Lipid Lifeline is nutritionally complete and balanced powdered milk, perfect combination of colostrum and vitamins to boost your immune system, helps you to enjoy your healthy daily life.

Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the first form of milk. It's developed inside mother mammals during pregnancy and lasted few days after giving birth before breast milk is produced. Colostrum is packed with full of essential nutrients, antibodies and immune properties which are extremely necessary for an infant to ensure healthy development and protect against infection.

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What are the benefits of Alpha Lipid Colostrum?

  • Can help lower LDL cholesterol (and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease).
  • May play a role in reversing heart disease through immune system support.
  • Assists immunity for everyday wellness. Supports gut health and digestive comfort.
  • Supports healthy ageing. Supports healthy tissues and muscles including heart muscle.
  • Support for your body’s healing and repair processes: mucosal cell lining, heart tissue, blood vessels.
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Where is the Colostrum collected?

In New Zealand, cows enjoy open green pasture and are free roaming. Their care is maintained by strict government regulations and New Zealand farmers are recognised around the world for their superior farming techniques and standards. New Zealand colostrum is collected fresh and processed immediately. In some countries, colostrum is not so fresh because it is frozen prior to processing.

Once our colostrum is collected, it is stored in a sterilised stainless steel tank to be picked up for processing on the same day. The colostrum is then tested for purity and levels of bio-active ingredients. The colostrum used by New Image has earned wide respect and recognition for its quality. Only the highest quality colostrum is used, under strict guidelines enforced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA).

How does Colostrum produce the antiaging results?

Colostrum works with your body to utilise its natural substance and increase your overall health. After puberty our body begins slowing down the production of growth hormones. These hormones are necessary for the reproduction of virtually all of our body cellular tissue. It has been shown that by age 80 we are producing virtually no growth hormones and so we age and die. Colostrum’s growth factors are the actual hormones that stimulate the normal reproduction of body cellular tissue. Normal reproduction means just that (normal) not aged, cancerous, wrinkled or weakened. The New England Journal of Medicine stated that the most effective anti-aging process would be simply the replacement of growth hormones at proper levels to slow, possibly stop and even reverse the aging processed.

How does Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum differ from plain milk?

Colostrum not only contains all the goodness of milk but also contains significant levels of growth promoting and disease fighting substances commonly referred to as growth factors, immune factors and immunoglobulins. These substances are also present in milk but at negligible levels. Further, colostrum has a much higher protein, vitamin, mineral content and is lower in lactose.

What are Antibodies in Colostrum?

Antibodies are very specialised molecules that are produced by the body’s immune system. They are produced in response to the host being exposed to an immunogenic or foreign substance (antigen) such as an infectious microbe. Their action is to ward off or neutralise potential disease-causing agents. A very important feature of antibodies is that they are directed specifically to their antigen that induced their formation.

I am an adult, why do I need Alpha Lipid Colostrum?

Once puberty has passed, our bodies begin the aging process by gradually producing less of the immune and growth factors that help us fight off disease and heal damaged body tissue. Colostrum is the only natural source of these life-giving components.

Can I take Colostrum with other supplements and medications?

Colostrum heals the digestive tract so well that all substances eaten internally (food, herbs, natural healing substances and medications) will become more bioavailable to the body. Although Colostrum has no known drug interactions, you may find that other supplements and medications that you are taking will have a more pronounced effect. As always consult your doctor.

How long does delivery takes?

Mostly the delivery time is between 2 – 7 working days. Average is 3 working days.

If your time is limited, please call our office on 0451 667 789 and we will try our best to cater for your needs.