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new image account levels

Becoming an Independent Distributor entitles you to buy Alpha Lipid Lifeline at wholesale prices which you sell to your customers at retail prices. Recruiting other Independent Distributors into your network is the next step, mentoring their growth advances your business and benefits your bottom line. There’s no limit to what you can earn or how big your business can grow. We make sure you have everything you need to achieve your goals, from training programmes to high quality marketing material. We’re there to support you and your customers all the way.

  • Distributor

    Independent Distributors sell New Image™ products to the public and sponsor new distributors.

  • Supervisor

    Supervisors are the first step up the career path to Manager & network building revenue generation and are eligible to sponsor internationally.

  • Manager

    Once you are promoted to Manager. It's the next step to building a stronger business with further rebates and lifetime status.

  • Executive

    At Executive level, you will have achieved a high network volume and personally developed other managers. Executives qualify for dynasty rebates, country pool, travel pool and chairman pool.