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What is the expiry date of Alpha Lipid Lifeline?

April 2025 is the current expiry date.
Alipid restocks Alpha Lipid Lifeline very often, so our products are the latest ones from New Zealand manufacturer.

Where to buy Alpha Lipid Lifeline?

You won’t find alpha lipid lifeline in costco, woolworth, chemist warehouse or any big retail brands. Because its manufacturer New Image is operating as a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business. Therefore, you can only buy alpha lipid lifeline from New Image distributors.
Alipid is an official proudly Alpha Lipid Colostrum products distributor in Australia market.

Why Alpha Lipid Lifeline price so high?

Yes and we’re totally aware that the price is in different level above the other powdered milk products on the market. As a distributor, Alipid doesn’t control the factory price which is currently high because New Image is making the best colostrum milk with their exclusive alpha lipid technique. They completely believe in alpha lipid lifeline quality and positive effects which have been proven by customers in many countries. The only thing Alipid can do is to try keep the lowest alpha lipid price on the market with tempting deals and promotions.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline Australia vs Anpha Lipid Vietnam ?

The product of Alpha Lipid Lifeline in Australia and Vietnam are different. The alpha lipid products in Australia market are produced by New Image factory originally in New Zealand. However, in Vietnam, all products are made and distributed by New Image Vietnam.
For Alpha Lipid Lifeline, we can easily notice there are Vietnamese and Chinese on label of products from Vietnam, meanwhile English only for the items from Australia/New Zealand

Alpha Lipid Lifeline is the powdered colostrum milk which brings your health to the next level by boosting the whole body immune system.

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