What is Alpha Lipid Lifeline ?

Our lives are stressful, we move faster go further and do more than ever before. To do this we increasingly rely on technology to stay ahead of the game and cope with the pressures of daily life. And as our to-do lists grow, we update the devices and apps that we use as tools to help us communicate and complete tasks better and faster. But what about our most important tool, how do we update our body to cope with modern life ? Most of us don't. In fact, we very often ignore our body's requests to update. Our immune systems are the supercomputer inside our body that protects us and keeps things running smoothly. When we are overworked and overtired so is our immune system we struggle to focus our energy levels alone. And we're at risk from harmful viruses bacteria and infections.

Boost your immune system with Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum

Alipid Alpha Lipid Lifeline

Update your immune system now with the most powerful multifunctional natural health supplement in the world today. Exclusively from new image international, alpha lipid lifeline is a delicious supplemented food shake that supports your immunity with sixteen hundred milligrams of colostrum containing 300 milligrams of immunoglobulins based on a daily dose.
Colostrum has nature's first and most precious food produced by all mammals and the first few days after giving birth. It gives newborns everything needed to fight disease-causing agents such as bacteria and viruses, preparing them for a strong healthy life. It also provides a range of nutrients including a number of vital immune factors the main one being immunoglobulins or antioxidants as they're sometimes called.
Updating your immune system with alpha lipid lifeline gives you a first line of defence. Colostrum natural antibodies build immunity through gut health probiotics and proteins aid digestion helping you feel more energized and balanced. When you have the right balance of nutrients and a healthy digestive system to absorb them, your body and mind are naturally healthier and more.

Alpha Lipid : New Image exclusive technology

To ensure you're getting the maximum benefit from the bovine or cow colostrum used an alpha lipid lifeline, we've worked hard to source quality colostrum and created leading manufacturing techniques that minimally process it, so our colostrum products retain more than 90% of the active immunoglobulin. We've also gone one vital step further, the adult digestive system has much higher levels of digestive enzymes which makes it a harsh environment for colostrum designed by nature for infants. To protect the important bioactive components of our colostrum products through our body's harsh digestive process, we have created a special protective coating around the colostrum delivering all the nutrients into your body just as nature intended. This is the alpha lipid difference only found in our products.

How to use Alpha Lipid Lifeline

We've done all the hard work so getting what you need couldn't be easier with alpha lipid lifeline breakfast drink. It's simple 30 minutes before eating and one and a half scoops with 150 mils of either cold water or milk, shake well in the turbo shaker and start feeling balanced healthy and strong. To auto-update your immune system with alpha lipid life line contact your new image representative Alipid today and start mastering the art of living well.