Which Colostrum is right for me ?

Alpha Lipid Colostrum is the perfect protection for busy active families.

Natures best kept secret is a powerful support for your immune system. Colostrum is naturally occurring, and its proteins and antibodies support your immune system helping you feel fit, healthy and protected.

alpha lipid lifeline
Alpha Lipid Lifeline is a perfect breakfast drink for your family over the age of five, combining colostrum and probiotics for powerful immune and digestive support to help you feel balanced, healthy and strong. With over 1 billion probiotics, 1000mg of calcium, vitamins and minerals we can add this to our favourite morning smoothie (over five, due to the added vitamins and minerals). Calcium is essential for growing bones. Probiotics encourage a healthy digestive system by supporting normal gut flora.

alpha lipid colostrum
Alpha Lipid Colostrum Capsules have all the benefits of Colostrum in the convenience of a capsule so are perfect for the busy ones of the family, who are always on the go. They are easy to swallow, at any time. You can even open a capsule and sprinkle over your favourite breakfast or add to yoghurt or milk for the family (under two, half a dose, as always consult your medical practitioner first). Colostrum’s antibodies work with your body’s own cells to enhance immunity.

Alpha Lipid Colostrum Tablets are tasty chewable tablets that are suitable for children over two years old (to prevent choking). They are a delicious vanilla flavour that assist the body’s natural repair process.

immufort ultraboost colostrum
When your immune system needs an extra boost try the yummy chewable Immufort Ultraboost Colostrum for your family over two years. It is a natural based supplement that contains an army of proteins and antibodies specifically designed to help your body fight viruses, bacteria and stress. This has 1100mg of concentrated double strength 40% IgG Colostrum containing 440mg of Immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins are your body’s natural warriors that attack viruses and bacteria that you and your family are exposed to every day. Alpha LipidTM Immufort Ultraboost contains four of these powerful immunoglobulins – IgG (protection), IgA (anti-inflammatory), IgM (boosting natural immunity) and IgF1 (cell growth and regeneration) – all working together with your body’s natural defence systems to fortify and strengthen your health and wellbeing.